Diversity: Asian & European Weddings

Sikh, Hindu, Turkish, Greek and other brides and grooms have all chosen to travel to and from their wedding and reception venues in classic style.

Asian and European couples from different religions and cultures all  feel special during their wedding festivities. At Classic Wedding Limousines, we aim to ensure that each journey in one of our cars contributes to the happy memories for years into the future.

North and North-East London, in particular, have a diversity of wedding celebrations where we have been priviledged to chauffeur the wedding party to and from various venues.


Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding begins with the Baraat, the colourful wedding procession of the groom and his family.  (The Baraat often includes luxury cars.)

As the groom and his Baraat entered the wedding venue, he is greeted by the bride’s parents.  The groom’s family receive tikaas from the bride’s mother who performs an Aarti over them, then welcomes them into the ‘house’ (symbolic, representeed by the venue).  Having had the formal meeting of the two families, the groom moves on to meet with his bride.

Following the marriage ceremony, the wedding party is transported to the reception in our chauffeur-driven classic limousines. Perfect!

Sikh Wedding

The day begins with a religious ceremony, usually in a Sikh Gurdwara (temple) where the groom’s party (Barat) will be received by the Bride’s family. This formal meeting of two families involves the exchange of gifts, photographs and tea with savoury snacks.

Following tea, the wedding ceremony, Anand Karaj (Blissful Union), commences. It is a partnership of two equals. A colourful ceremony which is a legal contract and a holy union of two souls. The spiritual goal of all Sikhs is to merge their souls with God (Parmatma) and marriage is a vow to help each other attain their goals.

After the wedding ceremony, our chauffeurs will escort the wedding party to another veunue for lunch. Sometimes an evening reception will be held on a different date and, if required, our luxury hire cars will be available to transport the happy couple to and from this and to the airport to begin their honeymoon.

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